Classes are held at the Seaside UCC Church Parish Hall on Summit Road in Northeast Harbor.

Currently classes are taught by Lelania Harpal Kaur Avila, KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher.

Monday Mid-Day Respite for Rejuvenation: Meditative Yoga

A weekly class for all ages and abilities.

Mondays 12:30 – 1:30 p.m.
Cost:  $15/class
Discount Package:  $125 for 10 classes

Purchase Class Passes online here!

Walk, ride your bike or carpool to class, receive a $5/class discount.  I’m also ​adding a $5 discount for people who travel a long distance to class (Ellsworth or beyond!)             

     Classes through the winter include gentle/restorative yoga. Meditation, often with chanting and movement, is part of every class. A solid shivasana, or rest, is also a standard part of class, often with an added gong song.
     Classes emphasize developing a home practice, exploring our emotions, and honing our ability to listen deeply within  to be guided from our own inner Teachers.
      Please inquire if you would like more information about these classes. You are welcome to just show up!​
I walk to class, so there may not be any cars in the parking lot!
Outside lights and foyer lights will be on.
​Please join me in the parish hall!​

You can register for classes online: Register Online Here!